John Lennon Lyrics

I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?~John Lennon

Hi! my name is Zoe. I am a huge John Lennon fan. Even though he was before my time, I discovered his work and loved it immediately. Imagine... Give Peace a Chance... he really opened up the eyes of a generation.

This website is a collection of his lyrics. I have a small amount, but if you have requests, kindly send them to the bottom of the page and I will break my neck to find out the words!

By the way, this site is the heartland of a collection of lyrics sites (all mine) known as the Classic Lyrics Collection (still in progress). So when I finish some more sites, I will publish a link to them on a new page.

And something to get your attention that I found apalling:


And the really sad thing? This amount of money could have fully funded  anti-hunger efforts for 11 years.

Would John have wanted this? No. Do WE today? NO!

Put the idiot back in his village in Texas!


August 3, 2007

WOW! Five thousand hits? I'm amazed.

And I deeply apologize for not being online in so long.

I've been caught up with exams, life, etc.

I'm sorry for not updating the website regularly.

I have a new website as well:

It's a psychobilly related forum site. I'm the administrator and my username is ~*SubculturalGirl*~.

However, John Lennon will always be my favorite music ;-). 



 Today marks 26 years since the death of John Lennon.

It's just so sad...and it should have taken more than a gun to kill him.

Put your love and good intentions out there, people. 





Sorry I didnt get back to you when I said I would.

But I did set up a JLL Myspace!

And do you want a Lennon-themed email address? Go to . There, you can get a John-Lennon specific email address! Mine, for example is :

Anyways, tomorrow is John (and Sean)'s birthday and I thought I'd do something special for it...
Go to to sign a virtual card for John Lennon!

^^yes I made it myself^^


Whoa, has it really been that long since an update? Sorry, my loyal Lennon fans!
As most of you probably know, yesterday, John's son Sean released an album entitled Friendly Fire. I bought it and since my favorite CD store is apparently "Special", I also managed to get a hand-signed poster of Sean! It's lovely. Now if I could find a frame or at the very least TAPE...right now it is on my bookshelf...
I'm at home, sick, and I thought, "I have absolutely nothing to do. HEY! I can expand my website!" So, I'm starting a MySpace for JLL. Lovely. And if you want, you can check out my personal MySpace here:
And I am considering adding some of Sean's lyrics too...if I can change my domain name that would be nice. Also I am going to set up an IM/Email account specifially for JLL. So, if you have site ?s/Comments you can get me live! And trust me, my comp is in my bedroom, more than likely, you will.

Will update later today w/ development details.



Me very sorry for no updateyness. Not much Lennon related...except that I found the very cutest video on YouTube! 

I *would* show it here but poopy Freeservers hates me. So here is a link: (the cute part is at the very end, when Sean--who couldnt have been more than 10 at the time--speaks about his dad's music.

And I just discovered the oh-so-ancient Beatles cartoon series. It's funny but they're a bit mean to Ringo.


Wow, has it really been that long since my last post? Damn, I must be sleepy or something. Not much news least nothing John-related. Although I may sing a Julian song @ open mic at Shot in the Dark Cafe. it bad that my hair, which has always been straight and blond, is now turning red and curly? AAGGH I've got my mom's hair! (I had my Dad's before...when he was a kid he had straight blond hair, my mom has curly red hair).  

Man, Beatnik Cafes really DO exist...I happened to stumble into Shot in the Dark Cafe at about 11:00 on Sunday, and it was, like, stereotypical Beatnik Cafe. It was kinda cool...luckily I happened to be wearing all black that day ;)

Sorry if all that bored you guys. OH! I see on my glorious free counter that over 900 visitors have arrived! Thank you all! You guys rock!


I just purchased the Mind Games album. Awesome! I especially like (besides the title song) Tight A$, Bring on the Lucie (Freda Peeple), Intuition, and Meat City. Plus it was the version w/ the bonus tracks. Coolio! I'll post the lyrics ASAP.



I saw the seance the other day...It was enlightening! They even managed to channel a whole new SONG! (The lyrics are on the last page of the lyrics thingy) Now, I won't give it away, but I will pass on the message: peace. He even said that himself. Basically there was this Irish guy (who could NOT say the words Yoko Ono; it kept coming out as "Yokah Onah") who was basically recieving the messages and stuff and then the audio just went kaput at one point, and you heard a voice which I am almost positive was John's saying, "Peace. The message is Peace." No one on the sound board knew what the heck happened but it was AWESOME! And then there was this woman who like basically left her body, right? Just so that spirits could enter. And it worked! It was, for about 20 minutes, John Lennon speaking. But then the VIDEO went kaput and we had all those freaky color bars that come on on screwy TV channels only they were all wavy and stuff and then a face appeared on the screen that kinda looked like John except it was sorta blurry so I didn't know for sure and then it moved and then it was gone. The video people had no idea what happened there either. Cool! I have it TiVoed. I'll try and get it on DVD some how so I can upload some clips...maybe. My computer is really FUBAR.



Yes, you may've noticed that I dated this entry. I'm going to start dating them so I can keep track.

I just heard Real Love. I absolutely love it! So, I got the words. The Rishi Kesh Song is coming.

And the PPV seance is tomorrow...can't wait! Mom says I'm obsessing. Well, if I am, I'm sure my intentions are right, or something.


Date Unknown

A less worldly update: I just got John's Rock 'n' Roll album at Bookman's--I'm addicted to it. Hell, he makes Angel Baby sound good! And his cover of Ain't That a Shame is great. Also Just Because. Oh, hell, it's ALL good! Get it ASAP.

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